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Gerald Newbold
Apr 15, 2017

I called a few places to order cabinets and Sheila was the best. Very responsive to my questions, I'm a home owner and not a contractor so patience was a must! more

Jeffry Carpenter
Oct 20, 2016

Sheila always went above and beyond to meet with us and follow up on every detail and potential problem, helping us manage to get a manufacturer's discount while constantly juggling our own delivery schedule. Lucky that we had her to help us with the purchase of the cabinets for our downstairs duplex unit's kitchen.

esteban ferrer
Oct 10, 2016

A few years ago we walked into the Kitchen Warehouse quite by chance with no real idea of what we wanted or even what we were doing there. We’d taken on the daunting job of remodeling our kitchen, transforming it from an antiquated has-been into something sleek and modern. That involved literally taking it down to the frame and converting three separate rooms that had once included the dining, kitchen and utility rooms into one single open-plan area. The problem was my wife and I had never undertaken anything like this before and felt like lambs being led to slaughter. Then we luckily encountered Glenn Ferguson, the proprietor of the Kitchen Warehouse, and just that easily what had seemed an impossible and formidable undertaking in his hands became just another day at the office. By the time we’d met, talked, walked through the shop and finally chosen our kitchen cabinetry: a lightwood faux bamboo, looks and feels like the real thing but as for durability, wear & tear, far superior; we were happily convinced we’d unwittingly been led to the perfect place. And once our cupboards were installed and the parties followed, one after another, with nothing but glowing comments from friends and neighbors alike we had every reason to thank our lucky stars for our chance encounter with Glenn Ferguson and the Kitchen Warehouse. I’m convinced beyond even the tiniest doubt you’ll have the same or similar experience…

Mike C
Sep 16, 2016

Small challegeing space that needed to be upgraded from the 80's to a more forward looking design. Glen from The Kitchen Warehouse did a great job listening, understanding our concept and making suggestions. Especially showing patience. Nice to see customer service is alive and well in this market segment.

Kim Vignola
Apr 13, 2016

Although we haven't received our cabinets yet (due in 5 weeks), so far we've had a great experience with Julia Spillman of the Kitchen Warehouse. Julia is very knowledgeable and professional. She helped us tweak a design we had in mind, and came to our home to measure as part of the project (others charge extra for this). We visited many kitchen stores before finding Julia and overall the Kitchen Warehouse's offering was hands down the best in terms of both price and quality. We even drove out to Rosemead, where prices were initially low but realized it was a bait and switch with a low quality line. I highly recommend making a trip to The Kitchen Warhouse!

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